This past weekend, SCS headed partially across the Bay Bridge to the easternmost edge of San Francisco to Treasure Island. He didn’t travel to go to the flea market; instead he and videographer Kevin Curro shot the video for “Resist”, the first song on SCS’ upcoming second album “Leaps & Bounds”.

While lacking many of the special effects seen in Kendrick Lamar’s 2015 video “Alright” shot on T.I., SCS’ video nonetheless carries a powerful message of resistance against the status quo. While shot in color, it looks like he and his team are leaning toward moving this to the black & white / grayscale domain for added effect.

The song “Resist” drops when “Leaps & Bounds” drops on 9/29. SCS thinks the video will come out later this year: “While we don’t have an exact timetable locked in yet for the video, I expect it to drop in the next couple months,” he said.

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